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"People don't become doctors to get rich quick, they become doctors to help others and provide a stable lifestyle for themselves and their family.  It's only fair that they get a chance to enjoy their retirement."


- Dr. H. Dalesandro

Doctor's Fund I


Doctor’s Fund I (“DFI”) is an income and growth fund designed to suit the specific needs of retiring physicians.  The financial markets are tumultuous and there is no certainty in the direction of interest rates or the amount of inflation over the next several years, but DFI is uniquely positioned to provide healthy income and downside protection though diversification into multi-tenant shopping centers and hotels.  Hotels are unique in their ability to capture growth in improving economies (including inflation), while shopping centers provide the certainty of built in revenue increases through their long term leases.

Target Fund Composition:                  


  • 50% Value-Add Investments (Annual Income and Moderate Principal Growth)

  • 25% Core Plus (Annual Income with Limited Downside Risk)

  • 25% Development (Principal Growth)


* Doctor's Fund I is no longer accepting new investors.

Doctor's Fund II


Doctor’s Fund I (“DFII”) - The successor to DFI, is currently in its predevelopment phase.  DFII will focus on the same investment strategy employed by DFI, with a slightly modernized asset allocation. DFII is open to physicians and other like minded professionals. Certain 401k plans and IRA’s may be able to invest directly. This type of investment is not suitable for everyone. Speak to your investment professional to see if you qualify as an Accredited Investor. To receive more information or to be added to the interest list click the link below.